Mad Max: Fury Road.

Just saw Mad Max: Fury Road.


Wow, what a spectacle. Definitely the most unique movie I’ve seen all year.

This film. Is. Intense.

I’m not kidding, you literally need to take a breather when slower scenes occurs, but those are in the minority. The pace is mostly non-stop and the intensity is enhanced by the way everything is shot in seemingly faster frame rate. This is an action movie at it’s very core.

There’s minimal plot, but the visuals, the tone, the world, the SOUNDTRACK, and the characters make up for that tenfold.


Speaking of the characters, the designs in this movie were freaking amazing! Everyone looked insanely interesting and unique, and if you’re a lover of character design and art: This book is a MUST BUY.

Speaking again of the characters, I must talk about their actual characters. First off, it’s not often you see people like these anywhere in the average movie. This world is post apocalyptic, so you already get a sense the universal mindset is vastly different from our own. But what really makes this interesting is its subtlety. There’s many things you don’t know about the main characters you’re following, but you find yourself already caring about them through their actions and circumstances alone. Mild spoiler ahead: You don’t even hear the main character’s name until the end of the movie, a fact you don’t realize until it happens.

And Furiosa….wow.


What more can I say on this character that hasn’t been said elsewhere. But honestly, she’s without a doubt on par with Sarah Connor, Ellen Ripley, even Beatrix Kiddo when it comes to badass females in movies. She’s up there when it comes to powerful influences that the mainstream media needed in action movies, especially regarding female characters.

By the way, Furiosa’s already got her own comic series now, which is awesome.

Brilliantly acted all around, fantastic visuals and colors, CRAZY action, amazing special effects – which I learned the majority was done in real-time. Meaning no CGI was added in post production. That is insanity.


Either way, go see this while it’s in theaters when you have the chance. This makes for an excellent cinema¬†experience and is truly worth the money to see while there.

Also…you already know there’s art coming for this.


Yeah, get ready.