How to Keep Grounded as an Artist

Hello there! Just wanted to share some thoughts about the mental trials of an artist.

“You can have, do or be anything you want.”  – Joe Vitale: American author, motivational speaker

I believe in this so much. So much.

You can literally do whatever you want, as long as you remember every action you take is a step to whatever destiny you decide on.

Take me, for example. Not too long after college graduation, I went though an almost two year period where I barely did any art. I was tackled by an overdose of pressure, reality, and the worst: a strong lack of motivation.  As an artist it’s easy to get discouraged, whether it’s because you find an artist ten years your junior producing phenomenal work, seeing others from art school becoming successful with their art careers while you’re stuck  at some dead end retail job, discovering hungry artists uploading sketches day after day when you can barely find the drive to do even one.

If you let that defeatist attitude take you over, it will win. It almost did for me, until I took my life in gear and decided I wasn’t going to be a failure, especially not at the thing I dedicated my life to since childhood.  I wasn’t going to give up on myself.

The key is reminding yourself of your goal, whatever it may be. Maybe it’s to complete one illustration a week, to sketch once a day, to get better at drawing anatomy in a year, or whatever you feel you need artistically. You can visualize an entire future of yourself living your dream life. If you constantly imagine and visualize yourself in these scenarios, you will build up excitement all on your own.

You need to dream big, and keep yourself centered around those positive thoughts.  No matter how seemingly impossible they may feel, just visualize yourself having accomplished that goal. That kind of energy is powerful, and only you can conjure it.

Your mind is the only thing that can save you. It’d either that or destruction.

Decide on your destiny, and remember you can be anything you want.