Confidence : belief in the powers

Nostalgia : a wistful desire to return in thought to a former time

Excitement : feeling or showing pleasure or contentment

The motto is simple:

Stay true to yourself, no matter what the circumstances are ~

Hello there! I’m Eva Dennis, a nerdy digital illustrator reigning from Birmingham, Alabama. Sometimes I go by Muse on the interwebs, but you can call me Eva. I create characters reflected from my own unique passion and love to share them with the world.

Other than being a kid at heart, the main thing you should know about me is my love for drawing characters. Creating fictional ideas brings me joy, and the thought of merging fantasy with reality has always been a fascinating concept since childhood.

From fanarts of series I enjoy to orginal characters of other universes, I try to present my work with a balance of charm, confidence, and nostalgia. My style is combined with the youthful flavor of cel-shade, and the classical elegance of digital painting.

I’ve done countless character commissions, illustrations and logo projects, and even art directed for an indie game studio.


Art is everything!

I Help Bring Your Diverse Character Design To Life!


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